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Charles G. Finney is, in my opinion, the greatest evangelist America has ever had. His sermons were concise and scriptural. His life before becoming an evangelist was that of a lawyer. When he committed his life to Christ, he said he was “on retainer for the Lord”. God put Finney’s keen logic to use.


Finney’s revival sermons and his evangelist sermons are phenomenal. Finney said his job was to “find the rocks people hide behind and destroy those rocks, leaving the people standing naked before God with no excuse”. This, he certainly did. I have never studied ANY material that is more iron clad and persuasive as Charles Finney’s sermons.


In a time when it seems that every foundational doctrine is under attack, the church NEEDS to go back and study the Biblical preaching of Charles G. Finney!

True & False Repentance