"The Winds of God” is one of the earliest written personal experience of one of the first converts to the Pentecostal message,

Covering the period of 1903 until 1914, we are given a detailed look at how the earliest Pentecostals lived out the message that changed their lives and the lives of millions since.

This is not some polished, politically correct, “puff piece”, it is a gut level account of what it meant to be part of a fledgling movement within Christianity. The early Pentecostals went through extreme persecution and privation to spread the message of the infilling and I dwelling of the Holy Spirit.
All the excitement, all the hardship and all the power experienced in the early days of Pentecost are recorded herein.

By reading this book you will be inspired and amazed at the level of consecration and dedication demonstrated by the people called, “The Pentecostals”. You will see that the devil has no new tricks. His tactics today are the same as they were over one hundred years ago, but you’ll also find that God is the same and His power and willingness to help mankind are also the same. You will see that God’s power is available to any and all that will seriously and diligently pursue all that God has them.
This book will change your prayer life and how you relate to God.

The Winds of God