Pentecostal Pioneer, Apostle, Prophet, Missionary, Mystic, Healer...
John G.Lake was called all of these during his nearly 30 years of Spirit-filled ministry.
From the time his wife was instantly healed through the prayers of John Alexander Dowie—
John Lake maintained a relationship with God that resulted in revelations, prophetic
 utterances and words of wisdom that were collected by his daughter and son-in-law and
given to Curry Blake when he was named as Lake’s successor. 
Now, for the first time in over 80 years, these words are released to the Body of Christ.
Throughout John Lake’s 5 year missionary trip to South Africa, he birthed the Apostolic
Faith Mission of South Africa and almost 1000 churches. His trip ended with his return to
America where he founded a church: The Divine Healing Institute. He also was responsible
for opening Healing Rooms in Washington, Oregon, California and Texas. 

Lake was especially known for his vision of a Christianity that was meant to reproduce the
life of Christ in every Believer. 
That vision is NOW coming to pass!
This is “The Legacy of John G. Lake”, through this book you will be able to stand on the
shoulders of this Giant of Faith and reach what God has provided.

The Legacy of John. G. Lake – by Curry Blake

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