You have to realize that just because you seem to be in an impossible place, now is not the
time to quit, because who you have in you is the God of the universe, and He is more
powerful than anything else.  Awake to righteousness!  Understanding your righteousness
in Jesus Christ is key to everything.
This teaching will help you understand:
 At your new birth you were appointed a son of God
 You are one with Jesus Christ; joint heir with Him
 You are complete in Jesus Christ, and lack nothing
 Your authority in Jesus Christ
 God gives you His Holy Spirit to use for Him
 God's will for your life
 The degree to which your mind is renewed to the truth of the word of God, is the degree
to which your life is transformed
Learn How to:
 Renew your mind tot he truths of the Word of God
 Stir up the gift that God has put within you
 Be who you have been made in Jesus Christ
 Become one who overcomes adversity
 Become a manifesting son of God
 Become a co-worker with God
 Become a move of God
 Live in constant victory

Strength to Carry On – by Brother Curry Blake