An up-close look at the man, his ministry and his message by one that had constant access
to him for the last four years of Lake’s life.
Wilford Reidt met John Lake in 1931 and immediately drew close to the entire family,
eventually marrying Lake’s daughter, Gertrude in 1941.
Wilford was continually in close contact with Lake and even helped organize Lake’s “School
of the Prophets” (a short term bible school Lake planned
to launch in 1936).
While “familiarity often breeds contempt”, in the relationship between Lake and Wilford, it
bred admiration and respect. Wilford saw Lake’s short-comings as a human but also
recognized the intense standard that Lake set and usually maintained.
Wilford was present at many of the miraculous healings that took place both at the church
Lake pastored and in Lake’s home as well as the homes where he regularly accompanied
Lake to minister healing.
This book will give you a good idea of who John Lake was as a man, a husband, a father
and as an early Pentecostal pioneer.

John G. Lake: The Man and His Message – by Wilford Reidt