John G. Lake's five year tenure as a missionary in South Africa has long been shrouded in
mystery and conjecture, with only a few testimonies coming from Lake's sermons as he
ministered healing to thousands of hundreds of thousands later in life.
When Lake's daughter and son-in-law place the mantle of General Overseer of John G.
Lake Ministries upon Rev. Curry R. Blake, they also passed to him the volumes of
documents, photos, letters, etc., written by and/or about John G. Lake. Now, for the first
time, Rev. Blake is making this material available to the general public.
In this exciting volume, you will find details concerning the death of Lake's first wife after
only a few months in South Africa, the beginnings of the unprecedented revival that began
within days of the arrival of Lake and fellow missionaries, the astounding miracle and
healing that were the hallmark of the fledgling Pentecostal Movement, and a complete
transcription of Lake's African diary.

John G. Lake’s Writing From Africa – by Rev. Curry Blake