I OBJECT! by Wilford Reidt, John G. Lake's Son in Law (book)

Overturning the traditions of man concerning healing.

Paul's Thorn, Timothy's Stomach, Healing Has Passed Away, God Made Me Sick.


If you have ever had questions on any of these topics or have ever encountered them as you ministered to someone...READ THIS BOOK!!!


"I Object!" will be a useful addition to your library and study of divine healing. In it, Wilford Reidt, (John G. Lake's son-in-law) answers many of the common questions that anyone involved in ministering healing or needing healing always seems to deal with.


Wilford Reidt sat under John G. Lake's ministry from 1931 until Lake's death in 1935. He eventually married Lake's daughter, Gertrude. Together they collected and preserved all of Lake's sermons and other materials written by Lake.


Wilford and Gertrude were greatly used in the area of prayer and intercession.

They were instrumental in encouraging young ministers at Bible Schools around the world to pursue the power of God in miracle ministries.

I Object!

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