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Christians and non-Christians alike, have the idea that receiving healing from God is hard and that to be healed, a person has to attain a certain level of spirituality or amass enough good works to deserve it.


This could not be further from the truth. In "Healing For Everyone Volume 1: Four Kinds Of People" Curry Blake shows that everyone, regardless of their level of spirituality can be healed.


He takes us thought he only four types of people on earth and details how God has made provision for EVERY person on earth to be healed, and exactly how each can receive their healing.


As you read and study "Healing For Everyone Volume 1: Four Kinds Of People" you will also learn many of the essential truths concerning healing and the power of God that Curry has learned from over 4 decades of study and practice in the area of divine healing. The revelations included herein will cause your faith to grow and your effectiveness in all areas of healing to increase.