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This is a USB of the entire Faith seminar including a PDF of the Faith Manual.


Faith, one of the most taught and yet most misunderstood topics of the Bible. To most, faith is a mysterious force likened unto magic. With faith, all things are possible and nothing is impossible! Without faith, you can’t please God regardless of what you do. Faith is one of the BIG THREE; Faith, Hope and Love. Most every Christian talks about their faith in God (or their lack of it). Most Christians can tell you how to get faith, but their lives show they don’t walk in faith on a consistent basis. Faith is vital if we are to have any real hope of a life that pleases God.


Brother Curry has studied under and been mentored by men and women that are renowned for their faith. His own life has been and still is a life of faith in God to do the impossible. In the Dominion Faith seminar and this study guide, Brother Curry shares the things he learned concerning faith over the last 60 years of his life. Many of the miracles and healings he has seen are a direct result of the principles he has included in this study of “Dominion Faith”.


Dominion Faith USB

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Fall 15