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The Battered Bride

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

JGLM Canada | Christian Church | Covid-19 | John G Lake Ministries

I had a dream one week ago. In the dream several women kept coming to me in beautiful wedding dresses. Every woman that came was beaten, bloody and bruised.

I believe the Lord was showing me that the Body of Christ is being beaten and abused and unfortunately few seem to be doing anything about it. Covid-19 is an attack on the church. How do we know this? Because people are still gathering in huge lineups outside of big box stores. Abortions are still happening, liquor and cannabis stores are open but not churches. Pastors of churches said and are saying, stay away, protect yourself and stay safe. That is fear, not “wisdom.”

A lot of the same people are now encouraging protesting in huge numbers of people side by side. How can you put social injustice before the Word of God as a Christian and especially as a Pastor? The church for the most part has lost its backbone. Most of the church has succumb to comfortable Christianity. True Christianity is seldom, if ever, comfortable. The Lord showed me in December of 2018 He will hold Pastors and leaders accountable for watering down the Word for filthy lucre’s sake. We are seeing this happen now. We are seeing a sifting of the church and true motives are being revealed. With what the world is going through right now, we as believers must remember He is still God! He is just. He is righteous and Holy.

You will give an account for your actions! Some people have lost hope but let me ask you, where did you put your hope? Hope in the Lord is never lost! We now have Pastors saying the “government is allowing us to get together.” Allowing... Allowing! Can you imagine the early church saying, we can get together now because the worldly government is allowing us. Can you see Peter and Paul saying, wow I am sure glad the government is allowing us to get together again because I would sure hate to get a ticket or go to jail for my faith. NO, their faith put them in jail! Even though the government has given permission to start meeting again, churches are remaining closed for safety concerns. Yet, they claim an all mighty, all powerful, all knowing God is saying do not meet yet, it's not safe and when it is, He will show up to meet them. Are you kidding me! That is a statement of fear not faith. People who talk like that, truly do not know God.

The government is telling churches to meet in smaller groups, but do not sing. So, the devil has effectively stopped worship in churches. The church is being pushed around like a kid being picked on by a bully in a playground. It is being hindered and sequestered, and most people do not even see it. Fact is, churches were never told to closed entirely, they chose to close. This, in so many ways, has weakened and conformed the church to the fear and ways of the world. Why are churches praying in the book of Acts when it seems very few are willing to live the way they lived. They were beaten and imprisoned for their faith because they disobeyed direct orders from governing officials.

The church for the most part has not lived by faith because it has not had too. The Gospel has been watered down for conforming, comfortable, Christianity. We must find the remnant. We must find the warriors! For decades Canada and the USA have been sending out missionaries to other countries to win them for Jesus and its seems like we are they ones who need the missionaries to come here and wake up the sleeping church. The world has come into the church as opposed to the church going into the world.

Sadly, the church has opened the doors to the world and said come on in. But it was not to win the world, it was to conform to it. You see it in the “worship services” that resemble a rock concert outfitted with laser lights, dancers, and dry ice machines. You see it in the 30-minute messages. People’s minds have been programmed to have a short attention span and the church caters to it. The church preaches watered down, half truths so not to offend people.

The church, for the most part, has become a place to come and listen to a motivational speaker so people can feel good rather than to be cut to the heart because of sin. A place to “feel” the Holy Spirit rather than to know Him. A place to “catch” the anointing rather than to draw closer to the Father in Holy reverence and fear. My heart is so burdened for the church and I know God's heart is too. He is showing me just a portion of what He feels for His church. Will you lay down your life for His? Will you put aside your petty differences and walk upright with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Will you be all the Lord has called you to be? Together, let us show a body that is strong in the Lord. A body not broken, not abused, and not defeated.

Ephesians 6:10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

- Pastor Marty JGLM Canada

We hope this has helped light a fire under you and give you something to chew on! Pastor Marty will be going LIVE on our Facebook <-- (Click here and "like" the page if you haven't to stay updated) to go more in depth on this topic. He will be Live at 10am MST Saturday June 13!!

Be Blessed,

JGLM Canada

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