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We have something a little different and very special to share this month on the blog! This month Pastors Marty and Brigitte took a road trip to Saskatoon for a special announcement! If you have been watching any of our live Facebook teachings this past month you might already know part of it. If you haven't checked us out on FB, you should! It's were 98% of our announcements happen; John G. Lake Ministries Canada!

The first night in Saskatoon they took to the streets with the Saskatoon lifeteam in their awesome "Love Lives Here" mobile! Throughout this whole pandemic "JGLM'ers" haven't stopped doing what the Bible has called us to do. In Galatians 5:13 it says: "For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another." It doesn't say "unless there is a pandemic." Just because the world is falling apart doesn't mean Christians should and just because you decide to stay isolated in your house doesn't mean others even have that option. We still have a job to do, our homeless and less fortunate still need us, they still need God's love! Even if a lot of the world turns their back on them, it doesn't mean we should. So, that's what our Saskatoon team did, they went out and brought hot dogs, bottled water, iced tea, friendship and prayer to those who needed it.

Sunday morning Pastor Marty was asked to preach at Dominion Life Church Saskatoon where he delivered an amazing message titled "A Warrior Runs To The Battle" which you can find on our Youtube. But, just before that, they had a special announcement for Brad. Calling up Brad & his family, Marty and Brigitte introduced them and officially announced our first Dominion Life Church in Canada, run by Brad and his wife Vanessa. To Brad's surprise Pastors Marty and Brigitte also announced Brad's Ordination with JGLM on behalf of Brother Curry Blake.

From Pastor Marty - "We are very excited to announce the very first Dominion Life Church in Canada. On May 25th we had the pleasure of ordaining Brad Sliedrecht, as the Pastor of DLC Saskatoon. We joined Brad and his family for their Sunday morning church service where I preached on the fact that a warrior runs to the battle, not from it. Brad and his wife Vanessa have the grit and a determination to run the course the Lord has set before them. The church has just purchased a building that will undergo renovations and will be ready for kick off in late fall or early winter. The building they are in now is already running out of space. We expect this church to grow quickly. We believe this is the first of many DLC churches in Canada to come!"

Thanks for coming on the adventure and for taking the time to read through! We look forward to many more adventures in Canada this year!!


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